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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Conversation Fun

The grass and the rain,

Have you ever heard of people referring to their life being so dull that they say that they are watching the grass grow. Well if they are doing that they must be up all night because grass only grows at night.

I organize and manage a lot of estate sales and art shows and I am always worried about what the weather is going to do if some of my items have to be outside. One little thing that I have learned to listen for is birds singing. About 15 minutes after a heavy rain the birds start to sing and that usually means that the rain is over. At times I have noticed a few spotty showers but never a major down pour after the birds have been out singing their songs. Come to find out Native American Indians also used this technique to tell when the heavy rains were over for the day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Conversation Fun

Tidbits About Gemstones

Did you know that if you stuck a hot pin in a piece of amber it would smell like pine? Also, amber is not mined. Amber is the sap that has harden from trees millions of years ago. Amber has been around since the dinosaurs. This is why there are several different colors of amber: yellow, honey and green. The bubbles in the amber are air pockets that were created when it was in its hardening process. People studying amber have extracted the air from the gemstone to see what the air was like millions of years ago. Fossilized bugs have also been found inside the amber. These pieces are very expensive.

Several years ago my husband and I went to a pearl farm in Tennessee. Below is a few interesting facts about a pearl.

Do you know the way to tell if a pearl is real?

First of all I advise everyone to make sure that the pearl is clean before you do this test. Rub the pearl on your teeth if it has a smooth feel to it most likely it is fake. If it has a gritty feel to it then it is a real pearl.

A cultured pearl is one that has been formed with human intervention on a pearl farm. A natural pearl is one that forms without any human intervention. Sometimes you will hear of a blister pearl, this is a half-sphere formed flush against the shell of the pearl oyster.
Pearls are created by a hard object irritating the mollusk inside the shell. Many pearl farmers will place a piece of polished mussel shell inside to cause this irritation. Natural pearls can be created by just a grain of sand or another piece of pearl entering the oyster shell.
Mother of Pearl is the rainbow part of inside of the shell.

Conversation Fun

By any chance do you know what the largest living structure on earth is?

The coral reef, The Great Barrier Reef to be exact located off the coast of NE Australia. It is over 1257 miles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Conversation Fun

If you were a fish and a hippo showed up for an afternoon swim, what would you do? Something that big you would probably get out of its way, maybe he might think you were a snack, a nice fresh fish sandwich.

Well. actually the hippo is a vegetarian and for the fish, they just can't wait until the hippo takes his afternoon swim. The fish feed off the hippos poop and enjoy snacking on the hippos skin. Ya, that's right. The fish give the hippo cleaning from head to toe by sucking off the mites and ticks. The fish even enjoy donating their time to free dental work. The hippos open their mouth and the fish clean any nasty thing that might be in their huge pie hole. It looks like everyone gets free trading service out of this afternoon.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Conversation Fun

Have you ever hear of a shutter dog?

A shutter dog is the wood or metal arm hook or fastener on the outside of the house that holds the shutter open.

Conversation Fun

Did you ever see gray/ green stuff growing on three branches, grassy green layers on rocks and a spongy looking thing growing out in the woods in a very shaded area or mushy looking mushroom flowered spores and wonder what it was? You probably said that is some kind of a moss.

Well what you saw was lichen. Lichen is a symbiosis. That means that it is two or more organisms living together such that both are more successful within the partnership than they would have been if they were living on their own. With lichens the basic components of this partnership are 1) a fungus called the 'mycobiont' and 2) one or more algae and/or a cyanobacteria called the 'photobiont'.

Lichen make look cool but in time it will kill the trees.

Conversation Fun

Herb Facts & Funny Names

I am sure the cooks out there will know the answer to this questions.

What is a scallion? A green onion. They are a variety of young onions with a long, thin white base that has not yet developed into a bulb and long straight green stalks that look like giant chives. Both the white base and the green stalks are commonly eaten.

What is a shallot? The shallot is a relative of the onion, and tastes a bit like an onion, but has a sweeter, milder flavor. Shallots are formed in clusters of offsets with a head composed of multiple cloves like garlic.

What is a leek? Leek looks like a scallion but much thicker and larger. It has a mild onion-like taste, less bitter than scallion. The taste might be described as a mixture of mild onion and cucumber, with a fresh smell similar to scallion.

What is a chive? Chives are the smallest species of the onion family and grown for their green hollow stock.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conversation Fun

Do you know who were the first people to start scalping their enemies?

Not the Native American Indians, it was the white man.

Native American Indians did not let any part of the animal that they killed go to waist. Do you know what the most nutritious part of the buffalo was?

The afterbirth

Oh My! What Some People Wear

Maybe these pictures will make you think twice about what you are wearing. You might want to have a full, yes, full length mirror to look into before you leave the house.

Conversation Fun

Do you have problems with indigestion? If you still have indigestion after 20 minutes of eating lie on your left side and lean a little forward for about 20 - 30 minutes. What?, lie down, everyone always says don't lie down after you eat. I noticed that this worked for me and asked several doctors and they just ignored me or just said, "I don't know". Well I finely found a doctor that did know. The gas will be pushed out one end or the other. Why does this seem to work? The way your intestines are routed will help push the gas out of your body.

Conversation Fun

Have you ever heard of the word Tussie Mussie and thinking what in the world is a Tussie Mussie?
A tussie mussie is a small bouquet held by a bridesmaid. In Victorian times each herb and flower conveyed a specific meaning.

Tidbit of information, did you know that when bats are waking up at dusk they start a hissing noise right before they take flight. When they go out for their nightly feast, what direction do they fly in?
East, away from the sun set into the darkness.

Have you heard that your fingernails and hair grow after you die? Well what is really happening is that the skin is dehydrated therefore making the skin recede from the hair and the nails making it look like they have grown when they haven't. Nothing can grow when everything is dead.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

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Chicks waiting to be adopted.

Colorful Easter Chicks

Colorful Easter Chicks

The Carr Family

The Carr Family
Extreme Home Make Over

Extreme Home Make Over Home

Extreme Home Make Over Home
Carr Family Home In East Texas

Ty Pennington

Ty Pennington
Extreme Home Make over

Bill Engvall

Bill Engvall

Johnny Littlefield, Paige Hemmis and the Aussie

Johnny Littlefield, Paige Hemmis and the Aussie
Extreme Home Make Over Team

Cold rainy weather didn't stop the volunteers of the Extreme Make Over Team.

Cold rainy weather didn't stop the volunteers of the Extreme Make Over Team.
I enjoyed meeting new people, it was a great experience.

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My Precious Girls

My Precious Girls